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One to One Sessions with Dr. Fiona Macken

One to one with GP & Mindfulness Expect Dr. Fiona Macken to discuss what meditation and mindfulness techniques might suit your medical condition.


I can review your medical condition and look at ways to manage your condition with meditation, mindfulness, visualisation, journaling,  Neurolinguistic programming and life coaching tools and techniques.


I can prescribe if it is needed.



The fee includes 2 free meditation classes and a personalised plan on what you might add to your day to help your issues .It also includes personalised audios for your use .



"To manage all the anxiety of the current world, I did some one on one sessions with Dr. Fiona Macken. She was absolutely excellent - logical, calm, empathetic and reassuring. I would highly recommend engaging with her if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. What was excellent too was that you got to understand the science behind the stresses. She has really helped me get back on track ."

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