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How to manage back to school stress for an anxious child

Navigating Back-to-School Stress: A Mindful Guide for Parents and Kids

As we gear up for the upcoming school week, I want to offer you a warm virtual hug and some valuable tips to make the transition back to school smoother for both you and your children. I'm here to guide you through this journey with mindfulness and wellness practices that can help create a more harmonious family experience. Let's dive in!

Supporting your child going back to school

1. Embrace Affirmations: Encourage your children to start their day with positive affirmations. These are simple, empowering statements that can boost their confidence and set a positive tone for the day. For instance, "I am capable of handling anything that comes my way" or "I am excited to learn and make new friends."

2. Mindful Mornings: Begin the day with a few minutes of mindfulness. Sit down as a family and practice deep breathing or a short meditation session. This can help everyone feel calmer and more centered before heading out the door.

3. Open Communication: Create a safe space for your children to express their feelings about going back to school. Listen attentively and validate their emotions. Share your own experiences too, so they know they're not alone in their feelings.

4. Plan Ahead: Prepare everything you can the night before. Lay out clothes, pack bags, and even plan lunches. This reduces the morning rush and allows for a more relaxed start to the day.

5. Establish Routine: Consistency can be incredibly comforting for children. Establish a daily routine that includes set times for waking up, meals, homework, and bedtime. This provides structure and reduces anxiety.

6. Mindful Meal Times: Encourage mindful eating by sitting down together for meals without distractions. This promotes better digestion and offers an opportunity for family bonding.

7. After-School Wind Down: Create a soothing after-school routine to help your children transition from school to home. Provide them with a quiet space to relax, share about their day, and engage in calming activities they enjoy.

8. Screen Time Boundaries: Set limits on screen time during weekdays. Encourage your children to engage in other activities that promote creativity and physical movement.

9. Stay Connected: Stay connected with teachers and school activities. Attend parent-teacher meetings and school events to foster a sense of involvement in your child's education.

10. Self-Care for Parents: Remember, you need self-care too! Schedule time for yourself to recharge, whether it's reading a book, taking a walk, or practicing mindfulness.

11. Bedtime Rituals: Create a soothing bedtime routine that promotes relaxation and better sleep. Dim the lights, read a calming story, and avoid stimulating activities before bed.

12. Celebrate Small Wins: Celebrate achievements, no matter how small. Positive reinforcement can boost your child's self-esteem and motivation.

helping your anxious child going back to school

Remember, the journey back to school is a collective experience for the entire family. By incorporating these mindfulness practices and practical tips, you'll be nurturing not only your child's well-being but also creating a more peaceful and joyful home environment. Embrace each day with patience and love, and watch as your family thrives during this transition.

Due to the volume of contact we have had for advice for parents and guardians wanting to support their child in the return to school we have increased available appointments for our 1-2-1 Wellness For Kids sessions. We offer support with problems such as anxiety, lack of confidence, sleeping issues, bullying, making friends and self regulation. Our session includes resources to use at home and an audio for the child to listen to.

We are delighted to offer zero obligation chats to see if this is a support your child or teen may benefit from so do feel free to reach out to us.


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