Corporate Work and Bespoke Classes


We can design a class to suit you and your team . Look at stress management , relaxation methods , mindset and meditation . Contact us to discuss.

Zen Combo


We can develop a course on stress-reduction, wellness techniques , mindfulness . We have recently developed a course for Dublin Northwest Partnership and as requested included loneliness as a topic.

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Previous Work

We have done classes and courses with The Dublin Northwest partnership , The department of Justice and Yewtree medical centre .We have developed classes and courses suitable for their needs .



Fancy a morning of mindfulness for your group on line or in person . What about a Morning on Relaxation strategies that can be used in the workplace. Let us know what your ideas are and we can put something together just for you .


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

The original eight week Gold standard Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course . We can deliver in person and on line.

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