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Nicola and Fiona are amazing mindfulness teachers. I love being part of the group classes. They are great and I always feel so relaxed after them . I have attended a few workshops too. I can't praise Nicola and Fiona enough for the professionalism and love they put into the work they do. 


I have been meditating with Dr. Fiona & Nicola for five months now. I have subscribed to their monthly pass & this helps me make the commitment to both myself & my practice. I now have two early nights in bed each week which in its self is a huge progress for me. My sleeping habits have improved massively as has my ability to use my breath as a tool throughout the day. I cannot thank the girls enough for the calm them have brought to my life.


The meditation classes have been my life saver through the pandemic . I love the peace and calm i feel afterwards it lasts the whole week.

Workshop Participant

A morning of self discovery and self growth with like minded group of women. Relaxation and goal setting - both of which I really need at the  moment!

Workshop Participant

Really enjoyed the tapping work! Lovely group!

Tom, 62

I suffer with OCD. I started classes with Nicola and Fiona about 10 weeks ago not knowing what to expect. I find the classes very relaxing and they help me to be aware of what I am doing and how I am feeling. I feel much more positive about myself. I can honestly say that mindfulness is helping me to be more in the now and I feel all the better for it .


I love meditation but do not prioritise it or practice and a gift to myself this year is to focus on practising more and making it part of my weekly if not daily routine. As I have committed to a membership pass I have been booking and attending classes. I’ve done other guided meditation before but the girls have a unique take on it, it genuinely holds my attention and keeps me engaged. I am enjoying working with Fiona and Nicola and look forward to what else is to come.


Nicola and Fiona are amazing Mindfulness teachers. I love being part of the group classes . They are great and I always feel really relaxed after them. I have attended a few workshops and they are amazing and very professional .  I can’t praise Nicola and Fiona for all the work and love they put into everything they do.

Workshop Participant

I loved the tapping and the chat - lovely insight into other people's perspectives and how to apply it to my everyday life so the impact can keep going!


My favourite part of the week is their Tuesday on line class . Beautiful classes so relaxing and calming . Nicola and Fiona are the dream team . 



I have been doing meditation most weeks now for over a year! After the class, I always feel so relaxed and light - it’s a great time to switch off and give yourself time for you! Nicola and Fiona are both fab too! Would deffo recommend to anyone that would like a bit more ZEN in their lives.

Workshop Participant

The tapping was new to me. I felt a release of a movement of energy that I wasn't expecting and i found it really good because it felt like I was driving my own healing.

I attended a workshop with Wellness Ur Way & wasn't sure what to really expect. I didn't know anyone who was there & I attended alone. i need not have worried I was made feel so welcome not only by Dr. Fiona & Nicola but by the other women there too. Women of various ages & various backgrounds but all of the same mindset, prioritising our wellness & mental health. i loved all of the relaxation & self care on the day &  have so many tools to draw on now to help with anxiety & stress. I am so glad I went & will definitely be attending all furture events as I know the difference it has made to me.

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