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Online Meditation Classes

Join our little meditation community with Dr. Fiona Macken & Nicola Shannon each Monday & Tuesday 9-10pm on zoom for an hour of pure relaxation with our Candlelight Meditations & prepare for your week ahead.

💜 What to expect 

 We safely guide you through an hour of pure relaxation in the comfort of your own home. 

Cameras are off & you are all muted to ensure an anxiety free environment where you can feel comfortable for your practice.

Mindfulness, Meditation & Breathing Practices along with affirmations, poetry & prose are the foundations of each session. 

Every class is unique as the wellness journeys we are all on. Classes are suitable for both beginners and pro’s as everyone will take from the class exactly what they need at that time.

💜 What do I need to bring?

Just yourself! We love to encourage you to make a little cosy nest for yourself, be that on a sofa or in your bed. Pillows, blankets, comfy clothing or pjs! Light a candle safely if you wish (ensure it’s blown out before sleep!) or burn some incense. 

Take time to prepare to treat yourself in this hour. Set it up for yourself like you would to pamper someone else you love.

The preparation is as important to your wellness as the practice so really make it special for yourself.

💜 What if I fall asleep?

Don’t worry it can happen to the best of us! That’s a sign you are relaxed so don’t worry about it, we will end the call at the end of the session so you can stay asleep!

💜 What if my mind drifts?


We will assure you during the session this is normal! This is what minds do! We will gently guide you back to your practice several times throughout the session together. Noticing your mind has drifted is in fact mindfulness in itself by the way!


💜 What if I want to book in for another Candlelight Meditation after this?

We would be delighted to have you! 

We have a Monthly Meditation Pass for €40 you can attend every Monday and Tuesday candlelight meditation in the month for the one price. We are committed to making mindfulness meditation as accessible to all as we know how much of an impact it can make on our wellness. This option works out at €5 per class! 

To avail of the monthly class pass, (like a meditation subscription service!) you can simply choose the pricing plan option and invest the €40. Then you simply book each of the classes you want to attend. Simply cancel your pass when you want to end your subscription.

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