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Our Skills

More about the different trainings we have done and use in helping you find your wellnessurway.



Neurolinguistic Programming

is an approach to communication,personal development and psychotherapy developed in America in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder . It involves looking at your thoughts and language uses and how it effects your behaviours . 


It is useful for anxiety, depression ,phobias and getting rid of behaviours that no longer serve you such as overeating ,smoking, drinking . We have seen amazing success with it when using it in the one to one sessions . 

A routine NLP session would cost €200 . We here at Wellnessurway are currently charging €120 per session and offer 3 session packages for €300 . 


The Polyvagal Theory of Stress

A theory about how stress manifests itself in the body . It is based on the vagus nerve and looks at our autonomic nervous system . The autonomic nervous system is part of the peripheral nervous system that is responsible for regulating involuntary body functions ,such as heartbeat, breathing blood flow and digestion . 


I have completed a year of training with Deb Dana in how to use this in clinical practice . Eg a polyvagal breathing exercise involves making the out breath longer than the inbreath . This calms the nervous system down .

Image by camilo jimenez


Acupuncture old book

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT or tapping as it is often referred to is a technique used to treat anxiety, stress, self limiting beliefs, deep rooted past trauma, fearful events, physical pain and lots more. 

EFT is similar to accupuncture in that in involves applying pressure to the meridian points around the body, only instead of using needles we use our fingertips to tap on the points applying pressure. Meridians are energy centres in the body. They are like rivers of energy flowing up and down throughout the body. When we experience stress, anxiety or other emotionally charged events it can cause blockages in the energy system. By tapping on the acupressure points we clear blocked energy and reduce the emotional charge of the event.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

This is the original Gold Standard treatment when it comes to mindfulness . It is an eight week programme of 8 ,2.5 hour classes and a full retreat day which takes place over eight weeks . It involves a commitment and investment of time and money but it has proven to reduce stress, depression and anxiety .We use aspects of this course in all our work but will provide this full eight week course on request . We plan to host one later in the year . The cost will be €350 but can be paid in two instalments . Please register your interest with us now . 

Sound Healing
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