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reiki level 2 training with nicola shannon reiki master dublin

Our very own Reiki Master & Co-founder of Wellness Ur Way,

Nicola Shannon, is delighted to bring you Reiki training - level one and level two.

Level 2 - This weekend focuses on deepening your Reiki practice, introducing powerful symbols and techniques to elevate your healing abilities.

Take the next step in your spiritual journey with Reiki Level 2

🌟 Discover the Healing Power of Reiki Level 2 

🌿 Are you ready to elevate your Reiki practice and tap into deeper healing energies?

Are you read to unlock a new dimension of healing and spiritual growth?

🌟 What to Expect:
✨ Dive Deeper: Expand your Reiki knowledge and skills beyond Level 1, exploring advanced techniques and symbols.
✨ Enhanced Healing Abilities: Learn powerful symbols to amplify healing energy and address emotional and mental blockages.
✨ Distance Healing: Master the art of sending healing energy across time and space to support loved ones and clients.
✨ Healing Attunement: Experience a unique attunement that heightens your connection to the universal life force energy.
✨ Ethical Practices: Understand the ethical responsibilities associated with Reiki practice, ensuring a safe and nurturing healing environment.

👩‍🏫 Expert Guidance:
Our Reiki Master Nicola Shannon will guide you through a weekend of immersive learning, practice, and empowerment. Benefit from Nicola's expertise, wisdom, and hands-on experience.

🌺 Includes:
📚 Comprehensive course materials
🎁 Certificate of Completion for Reiki Level 2
🍵 Refreshments and light lunch together

🚗 Parking

Our Reiki weekends are purposely kept small and intimidate to ensure a personalised experience for all in a safe space with like minded people.

You need to be 6 months + after your Reiki Level 1 weekend. If you wish to become a Reiki practitioner you need to complete level 1 + then level 2.


If you do not wish to become a practittioner there is still a place for you on Reiki level 2 to help you thrive on your spiritual journey of healing and growth.

This weekend will amplify your Reiki practice, unveiling advanced techniques and empowering you to send healing energy across distances.


Details : 

Investment €260 (€50 non refundable booking fee to secure place) 

Venue : Shine In Studio, Kinsealy, Dublin

Dates  : 24th & 25th Feb 2024, 10 - 4pm

Includes : Light lunch both days, audios, manual, certificate & full support.

Our 2024 schedule for Reiki Level 2 weekends:

Feb 24/25

Sept 28/29

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