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The picture shows our story and journey.

Our Story

Dr Fiona Macken and Nicola Shannon both came to meditation, mindfulness, and self-care through their own suffering. Dr. Fiona suffered from depression for most of her adult life and found when she did her first 8-week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course that there was wellness within, she just had to know how to access it.


Nicola having suffered from anxiety found the same healing in MBSR and also began to see that the healing and wellness lay within if we could just learn how to access it. Both believe in this wellness coming from within but also believe in traditional methods of treating mental health issues with medication, psychological input, and wellness techniques. They believe that all methods complement each other.


Dr. Fiona works as a GP, a Primary Care Physician and Nicola works as a pharmacy technician so they both see the daily stresses and strains that go on in people’s lives. They have both completed an 18-month training with the Institute of Mindfulness-Based Approaches and are certified in these Mindfulness-based approaches. They have also completed Connected Kids training and are certified to teach mindfulness and meditation to children.

Dr. Fiona has also completed training with Dr. Rick Hanson in positive Neuroplasticity and Deb Dana in the polyvagal theory of stress. She is currently undertaking a certificate in NLP or neurolinguistic programming and A Year of Polyvagal Theory. She is constantly looking deeper and for more evidence and research regarding what works for stress. How can we help people to cope with their everyday lives and live their best life possible!!

Nicola has trained as a Reiki healer and is also an EFT therapist. Emotional freedom technique/EFT or more commonly known as tapping is a technique where we tap on acupressure points around the body to release blocked emotions caused by past trauma or upset, difficult situations, stress, or limiting self-beliefs. Tapping gets to the root of the issue. Tapping has been described as Acupuncture without the needles and is a wonderful anxiety tool.


They are both so excited to be sharing their knowledge and expertise to help empower you with skills and tools to use in your own life for your own self-care and to find wellness your way! 

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