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Unlock Your May Magic with Our Exclusive Offer: Just  €10 for Your Crystal Key Ring, Bracelet, and Nag Champa Incense Bundle!


Indulge in the beauty of crystals and the soothing aroma of Nag Champa incense with our special May offer. For the entire month, treat yourself or a loved one to our exquisite Crystal Key Ring and Bracelet bundle, paired with a box of premium Nag Champa agarbatti incense.


Choose between an Amethyst Point or Clear Quartz Crystal Key Ring, each radiating unique energies to accompany you on your daily adventures. Complement your keyring with an Amethyst Chip or Chunky Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet, enhancing your aura with their calming and loving vibrations.


To complete the sensory experience, immerse yourself in the enchanting fragrance of Nag Champa agarbatti incense, renowned for its ability to create a serene atmosphere and elevate your mood.


Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your spiritual journey and adorn yourself and your space with these exquisite treasures.


Limited stock available. One of each item supplied.


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