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Meet our 7 Chakra Tumble Stones Gift Set—a down-to-earth powerhouse that's like a personal energy boost for your vibes. Each stone's got its own purpose:

🔴 Root Red Jasper: The strong and grounding buddy, perfect for keeping you steady and strong.
🟠 Sacral Carnelian: The energy booster and creativity cheerleader—because life needs a bit more zest.
🟡 Solar Plexus Citrine: Balances your energy and gives your self-esteem a friendly high-five. Confidence, here we come!
💚 Heart Aventurine: The love and compassion maestro. It's like a warm hug for your heart.
🔵 Throat Sodalite: Your go-to for clear communication and saying what needs to be said. No more holding back!
🟣 Third Eye Lapis: The wise one. Boost your spiritual wisdom and get those aha moments rolling.
👑 Crown Amethyst: Meet your cosmic consciousness guide. It's like having your own personal universe whisperer.


But wait, there's more! This set comes with a cute little gift bag to keep your new crystal pals cozy and protected. Because good vibes should travel in style.


Ideal for:

✨ Crystal Newbies: If you're just starting your crystal journey, this set is like a friendly handshake from the universe.


🌈 Energy Enthusiasts: Boost your vibes and keep those chakras in check with this vibrant tumble stone set, ideal for working with the chakras or Reiki.


🎁 Thoughtful Gifting: Share the good energy with loved ones, because everyone needs a little crystal love in their life.



One set of 7 provided with gift bag.

7 Chakra Tumble Stones Gift Set

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