Do I feel safe ?

Updated: Aug 31

The science of safety is the polyvagal theory of stress. This is a theory about stress and it’s effect on the mind and the body . in my role as a general practitioner it explains a lot of the physical and mental things that I see in my patients every day .This week alone I must have mentioned it to 8-9 patients a day . So let’s take a look at it ! Let’s see what it might mean to you !!

Polyvagal theory (poly- "many" + vagal "wandering") is a collection of unproven, evolutionary, neuroscientific, and psychological constructs pertaining to the role of the vagus nerve in emotion regulation, social connection and fear response, introduced in 1994 by Stephen Porges.

The vagus nerve gets it’s name from the fact that it wanders from the base of the brain stem down the face , to the heart , lungs and digestive system .

It makes sense to me that such a nerve would connect our mental and physical health.

The system is based on three principles . Let’s get to grips with them over the next few blog posts . I find it has really helped me to identify where I am at with this vagus nerve and how my mental health is . I know it will do the same for you !!

Let’s get to grips with this theory which I think will become one of the next big things in physical and mental health .

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