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How do we see the world?

I was really enjoying attending my classes today . I am currently studying to obtain a diploma in mental health and well being life coaching . it is a really great course with amazing people from all walks of life who would like to help people achieve wellness .

Today I was reminded of a phrase that keeps coming up for me . "We see the world as we are "

I've met this phrase when training as a Mindfulness based stress reduction teacher on the week on perception . I've met this phrase during my training to get a certificate in neurolinguistic programming ." The map is not the territory "

As someone who has suffered with depression and has the tendency to self critical ,negative thinking I really understand what this means in my every day life .

On a bad day the car that pulls out in front of me knows that i'm a soft touch easy to take over . On another day I might think that the car driver may be in a rush or may not have seen me .

On a really bad day I might as well get back into the hole that I've crawled out of .

Some days I feel that everything is too much , that I am useless at everything and other days I'm aware that I only need to face what's in front of me right now and that I am capable of anything I put my mind to .

what things can we do to help face the day . ?

Intention setting is a great way to set up your day .

Intention setting is clearly stating what you want to experience and achieve through your actions. This can be related to your work, personal life, dreams, thoughts, mindfulness practice, or whatever you choose. As long as it is clearly defined and customized to your life

The brain’s filtering and decision-making functions play a key role in what we get from intent. The Reticular Activating System, or RAS, is a part of the brainstem that’s responsible for regulating sleep-wake cycles. But it also influences the processing of sensory stimuli and regulating attention.

It acts like a filter that determines what information is passed to the conscious mind from the sensory systems and the subconscious mind. In that way, information "signals" can be processed by the prefrontal cortex’s executive functions.

Consciously setting an intention tells the RAS that certain information is high-focus and deserves priority. As information related to that intention comes in, it also gets heightened attention.

The example would be if you buy a new car that's an Audi you will start to see Audi's all over the place.

Women trying to get pregnant often see pregnant women everywhere they go .

But it shows there something behind the setting of an intention for your day to go well . It sets your brain up for looking for ways to make this happen .

So starting the day or the week or the month with some simple intentions for yourself can be a great way to get those brain cells firing and observing the world in the way you want it to be .

I'd love to hear what you think of intention setting and see what are people's experiences of seeing the world as they are and what they think might be helpful ?

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