Rituals and Traditions

I have been struck by many things over the last few days .

Despite being a proud Irish

woman I was really saddened by the death of the Queen .

It felt so sad and so shocking .

She felt immortal .

She was a constant in a stream of changes !! And even in a world where she is not my queen she was still that constant !!

I felt sad looking at a family losing their granny , their mother , their great granny . I often wonder why people talk about getting back to normal after a death in the family . And the talk over the last few days about tradition and ceremony and ritual has been so steadying and brought with it a sense of safety of life going on .

We as humans need to feel safe , the polyvagal theory explains this so well . We are constantly looking for signs of safety and danger . It's no wonder than that as humans we use ceremony and ritual to help at times of great change and trauma .

The rituals that surround death , sickness , birth are in so many ways keeping us reminded that we are still safe .

Could we use ritual to make our days and weeks feel safer ?

I know I feel good starting my day by plugging in electric diffuser every morning in the surgery , picking an essential oil of the day , having a cup of coffee and telling all the staff "Today is going to be a great day !!"

Even The staff will remind me that I didn't say the sentence !!

What are your rituals ? What rituals about the Queen's death have helped you ?

Do you use any rituals in your every day life ?

Would you consider using ritual to help you feel safe ?

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