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Why is everyone acting so strangely?

Is it just me or is anyone else noticing that people are acting differently?

Do you notice people shooting in queues ,road rage and then even worse violence levels increasing . I read an article on twitter today and I thought its not just me that's nothing these things .

It's kind of scary isn't it ?

I think the children are feeling this odd "vibe " too and its presenting as anxiety in children and teenagers the likes of which I have never seen in general practice and I know Nicola is inundated with work helping these kids and their families .

what's going on ?

I think we can look to the Poly-vagal theory of stress for our answers .

We have spent 3 years now being told that we are not safe .

First it was Covid .Now it's finances and interest rates , wars and very powerful, seemingly selfish arrogant men in real positions of power . The gentleman in question would have us believe that our fear and problems are caused by OTHERS , the West ,The east , the Middle East . pick a place on the globe currently and someone thinks that part of the world is taking over .

How about we look inwards . The vagus nerve is looking for cues of safety and danger subconsciously and when we fell not safe we either go into sympathetic overdrive or vagal shutdown .

When in sympathetic overdrive we are looking to fight or flee and we will pick whoever our tribe tells us is the problem as our bodies know that's something is out of sync. We can't name it as this Neuroception is happening beneath conscious awareness we just know something feels off . It even makes us hear peoples voices as louder !!! By acting on the bones in the middle ear .

So instead of blaming whoever the powers that be, in government or on the internet tell us how about we name it .

My sympathetic overdrive is switched on , I am afraid .

Our sympathetic overdrive is switched on . We are afraid .

Put a hand on your chest , breath in through your nostrils for 7 seconds and out through your mouth for 11 seconds .

"Even though the fear is present . I am safe at this very moment "

Name 1 thing that makes you feel safe at this moment . It doesn't have to be big .

I can breath , I had dinner today , I had enough to make dinner today . I have proof over my head at this moment . We are not saying that things will always be alright but we can genuinely appreciate what we have at this moment .

How do you feel now ?

Practice every day . This switches the overdrive off . See what happens when you manage to do this .

See this image . This is a fern leaf and it is made up of repeating patterns . the main branch has many leaves coming off it and then every leaf is made up of a main branch and little leaves . These patterns exist every where in nature and they are proven to calm the nervous system down .

Look and see if you can see any of these repeating patterns in nature where you live . Send us pictures . We would love to see them .

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